Nothing is black and white

2021.10.26 08:04 seafoamglass Nothing is black and white

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2021.10.26 08:04 Beginning_Loquat6868 URGENT: Is this laptop suitable for a law student??
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2021.10.26 08:04 nova_dream_art My New Collection of 26 Artworks is Available : Sculptures of Mysteries (Human and AI Collaboration) (Link in Comment)

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2021.10.26 08:04 Lunaria_rediviva Does hormonal birth control make the Symptoms of PCOS worse for anyone else?

Hello, I'm 20F and got diagnosed with PCOS at age 15 because of my strong period cramps and a high level of androgens in my blood. I lost 25 kg ( around 55 lbs) through a lower-carb diet and that helped with a lot of my symptoms. Now because I got in my first relationship, I wanted to take birth control to avoid getting pregnant. Here's the Catch my pain is coming back and my hair is starting to get thinner again. So has anyone else Symptoms gotten worse whilst taking birth control? If it's important I also have hypothyroidism, but my bloodwork is good and I'm taking the right amount of levothyroxine. Ps. Sorry for my bad English and thank you for your answers
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2021.10.26 08:04 BaguetteLord312 What should I do

I have enough money for two keys and I made these options
View Poll
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2021.10.26 08:04 therealdwag ich_iel

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2021.10.26 08:04 florisff I think i will die right, here

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2021.10.26 08:04 PennySuplex Jorō Spider

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2021.10.26 08:04 JimbeauxDean Math function where 0func = 1func besides factorials

Zero factorial equals one factorial: 0! = 1!
Are there any other functions where applying zero and applying one result in the same answer?
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2021.10.26 08:04 walids my 1wt fully automatic slice preserving lava bucket farm (using carpet extra)

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2021.10.26 08:04 brealie screaming in the car, free therapy <3

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2021.10.26 08:04 Odd_Birthday_8216 Chucky

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2021.10.26 08:04 Aspavlenko Blue Mountain Stream 10 hours White Noise. ASMR

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2021.10.26 08:04 kemicalken Copy, past and move down one row VBA with Command Button.

I want a command button to copy data in a row into a row below and then move down one cell. The idea is to create a table of data but by only needing to enter data into the same cells and hit a button that will paste it into the table.
Currently using:
Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False
Dim xSheet As Worksheet
Set xSheet = ActiveSheet
If xSheet.Name <> "Definitions" And xSheet.Name <> "fx" And xSheet.Name <> "Needs" Then
xSheet.Range("B6:M6 ").Copy
xSheet.Range("B12:M12").PasteSpecial Paste:=xlValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks:=False, Transpose:=False
End If
Application.ScreenUpdating = True
End Sub

Works fine but i cant work out how to make it move down into the next row once there is already data inside these cells. Basically all i need is the code to make it move down a row once the data is pasted. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.10.26 08:04 Myra_Loyer24 Dead By Daylight Halloween Bonus part 5

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2021.10.26 08:04 ChronicContrition Can someone explain how adding fiber makes carbs into not carbs?

A manufacturer has a product with 10g of wheat based carbohydrate, then adds 10g of fiber and ~voila~ zero net carbs. To me, the 10g of carbohydrate is still there, just with added fiber. Can someone explain to me how such a product is “keto friendly”? It seems I could have a nice sandwich and chase it with a handful of Metamucil to the same effect.
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2021.10.26 08:04 FAbejevs The rig has been running stable at ~31.9mhs for over a month. Turned off the rig for the weekend and this morning I suddenly started seeing some issues with the rig. It appears that the rig restarts after some time now. Any ideas what could be the issue?

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2021.10.26 08:04 ZER0_A NAS Colossus (Overhauled) Made It More Futuristic

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2021.10.26 08:04 Arachles A trivial post: Which place in the Legendarium would you visit?

Long time without posting so restarting with a trivial question...
I would love wandering the old kingdom of Eregion. From Rivendel to the gates of Khazad-Dum. Wild nature, ruins of long lost elves... Just incredible IMO.
Have a nice day! :)
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2021.10.26 08:04 Sweaty_Budget_5187 The four horseman of the MAXpocalypse

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2021.10.26 08:04 Wabbabob I drew dis one :3

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2021.10.26 08:04 killHACKS Holup

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2021.10.26 08:04 YakuzaAHD So where to buy right now from Europe ?

I really want to buy some more hoodies but it feels like it’s impossible right now. Where should I buy em ?
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2021.10.26 08:04 Pop_Budget Gorgoroth by George Rushing

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2021.10.26 08:04 AwardSquare3132 Dear Reddit, what’s a great wedding anniversary gift a 29 year old child can give to their parents?

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