Have you missed a moonshot lately? Then get in BinanceSimpChain at launch. Safe dev. Next 1000x 🔥

2021.10.26 10:02 Eldwurm Have you missed a moonshot lately? Then get in BinanceSimpChain at launch. Safe dev. Next 1000x 🔥

🔥 BinanceSimpChain🔥
💎Based Dev Team
💎Our dev has conducted a range of successful projects before and knows how to guide a simple project with all the right fundamentals to moonshot success. Join now and be early, this is going to be HUGE MOONSHOT!!
💎As always, DYOR and if you have any questions feel free to join the seemingly welcome and active telegram community.
💎You degens have been wasting too much money in shitcoins and reward coins. Face it, this type of coins die hard and die early. Missed the train of the world's most popular tokens? Safe, no rug, no honeypot.
💎Our aim is to reach the wider audience and becoming well known across the globe as we expand . Marketing will be laid out on all platforms , with a professional marketing team who is capable of expanding this token to a worldwide platform.
Join now Next 100x Gem
Enjoy some Simp and have a good time!
Welcome to BinanceSimpChain!
In this project, team will be pushing this project to the moon with plenty of marketing. We will be using 100% of the marketing wallet for the purpose of this project to moon.
Project is safe 100% and some trusted channels will call us to make sure we are safe!
3% Liquidity 3% Marketing 3% Reflection
TG: https://t.me/BinanceSimpChain https://t.me/BinanceSimpChain Twitter: https://twitter.com/BinanceSimp
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2021.10.26 10:02 Ferenc_Zeteny Dave Chappelle confirmed cumboy

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2021.10.26 10:02 Hadia_ These are just some examples these people seriously disgust me.

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2021.10.26 10:02 ArtisticLeader3333 I have no words anymore......

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2021.10.26 10:02 YpresWoods Binging with Babish: Meat Pies from Sweeney Todd

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2021.10.26 10:02 Jhadle1994 Mega absol raid 0393 0246 9257

Adding 9, be ready, 13 minutes left
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2021.10.26 10:02 Depope3070 So I send eth to the erc20 donation wallet?

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2021.10.26 10:02 Water_dragon95 May the odds ever be in your favor

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2021.10.26 10:02 xrc1808 I support u/Board667 for Missouri Senate race.

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2021.10.26 10:02 HereComesCunty Hook me up brah

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2021.10.26 10:02 Available_Let_1692 Hei

Hei can i join any body and they can kill op 10 raid boss and i can level up fast? pc if you wanna help me,
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2021.10.26 10:02 ClitBobJohnson Graded the sickest card I’ve ever ripped

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2021.10.26 10:02 ArtWithManjusa https://youtu.be/3qf1CUoO9dM

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2021.10.26 10:02 Brighteyed77 This person is running for school committee in Worcester. Do not vote for her.

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2021.10.26 10:02 sharewithme Word of The Hour: amheus

amheus translates to suspicious
Word of The Hour's Annual Survey @ https://wordofthehour.org/form
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2021.10.26 10:02 Throwaway1heheh HOW TO WIN YOUR INTERVIEW! Best Techniques to Get The JOB!

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2021.10.26 10:02 spartan118fr Connecting a mouse and a keyboard to my XSX

Hi fellow spartans, Question : I only have a USB port left (already have an external hard drive and a joystick), so can I can't connect both wireless keyboard and mouse with Bluetooth, like a controler ?
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2021.10.26 10:02 QuanteX54 Sipora

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2021.10.26 10:02 Gucci-Louie Update to the u/Cotter_11 National Dex Checklist Spreadsheet

Hey trainers!!
I have updated u/Cotter_11's Simplified National Dex Checklist Spreadsheet to include Pokemon from #894 to #901. This means that it has all prior entries including Regieleki, Regidrago, Glastrier, Spectrier, Calyrex, Wyrdeer, Basculegion, and Kleavor! If any more Pokemon are released be sure to update the entries by adding in a new entry on the sheet; I know I will be doing it. I have also added a column specifically for a Shiny Dex as well. The formula looks for TRUE/FALSE statements so make sure that when you have your added Pokemon make sure it is ALL CAPS.
Happy Hunting!!
3rd Resident of the Distortion World and Disciple to the Church of Snom

Link: u/Cotter_11's Updated National Dex Checklist Spreadsheet from #001 Bulbasaur to #901 Kleavor

P.S. - I assume the flair for this is "Discussion," but I am not sure. Also, since this is an update to someone else's Spreadsheet I am not marking this as "OC."
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2021.10.26 10:02 UltimateTraders 10/26/2021 Daily Plays, TIGR ROAR, last week published China Concerns, now their "SEC" approval, my god sold BKKT at $17, this has to stop happening to me, I am changing rules, FCUV, DWAC and now BKKT up 200-1,000 % since sale, my god hot money everywhere, DAN missed removed from plays, PERI POW!!

Good morning everyone.. Jesus first FCUV, September 1st daily plays, DWAC last week 2x and yesterday BKKT. I have decided that if something has 5x average last 10 day volume to hold 25% of shares left… Now the reason I don’t sell in small increments is I have 300 tickers in plays, and I am aware there is always a trade, so I like to cash out and put my capital into the next trade. It is often the case where I will play 5-10 trades at the same time… These are all unshortables. I do not hold more than 1 grenade at a time and usually the grenades are lettuce hands. I will make a video about the terminology tonight, I have been busy with Connecticut stuff. Generally, even if a stock is hot I will hop into something else that is hot and make that 25 cents to a dollar… I generally don’t hold past 1 dollar because I can make so many trades at the same time. I rather hit singles and stack greens than try and hit grand slams which are rare… FCUV, DWAC, BKKT are all things that never happened to me and Ive been trading since late 1994!! And all of this happens within the last 2 months… It is obvious there are extremes.
Many of us are new subs, so what has happened.
I never sold a stock that went up 200+ percent the same day… Yes, I have sold a stock at 10 and it went to 20, that was tough… But until FCUV my sell was 6 and it went to 24.50 2 hours later, DWAC 13.70 to 175 and BKKT 17 to 60… This has never ever happened!! So if something has insane volume I will hang onto 10-25% of shares.. I often trade 1,000-3,000 shares of these grenades.
Last week their were reports that TIGR and FUTU would have much difficulty with China SEC, in terms of HIPPA/Privacy rules and may have to make major changes that will affect their business. I am not saying this isn’t real but they will make them, simple and easy, but to crash TIGR to 7?!! This was 30, 2 earnings ago in JUNE!! This is all political. I have a video of the best way to play all these Chinese names. This was $16 a few weeks ago after last earnings… Today their SEC has granted them access to purchase a broker in Hong Kong, solidifying that they are ok to trade ongoing without disruption. Hong Kong SEC would not allow this purchase if changes needed to be made….
2 months ago many of us were getting absolutely crushed in ENDP, after the WSJ reported that NY will not settle with ENDP. That NY state has the smoking gun to end ENDP. They published an article stating ENDP visits restructuring firm, and ENDP was down nearly 50% on these articles and still hasn’t completely recovered. I believe there were truths to both these statements, litigation is real and very expensive, but just like TIGR this caused fear and panic and this is a market of extremes. I am thankful Barrons published something this morning around 5am on 5 undervalued stocks and mentioned ENDP is trading at 2x 2022 earnings!!!!
Lots of tickers are moving in and out of plays, grenades and unshortables do to earnings. This weekend I will publish all my tickers for the Elite Team. They do make donations. In todays briefing, I will also note entries and exits in some of these bangers. Awesome earnings! PERI will be in hot money for the public forum. We have traded and watched PERI for months as the stock has not been rewarded for companies execution…
Regarding Prog, trust me, I do want all the grenades to moon and all of us to make money. You do not want proper DD. I deal with facts not speculation. PROG started to go to Mars up 50% near $5… Then the company converted debt at 8% into shares because they see that retail is mooning the stock. They are making cash out of thin air.. Now I want the stock to go up and all 4,300 of us to make money, so I will not release these details for everyone but I want our subs to know the truth. Buy and sell in increments…. Unlike other furus they promise you the world and amp grenades.. Some of them amp “Hot Potatoes” which are like ROKU, PINS, that’s a new term I will use for stuff with a 100-500X pe.. It is not a grenade, not a runner but so speculative that it has taken off..
I woke up near 4:30AM to read some earnings news and check in on what is going on. And wow the hot money! Shiny grenades are everyone. Be careful!
AGC – Chatter everywhere
ANTE – May be sympathy with EQOS, Watch it
BKKT – Grenade momentum
BRPM – Grenade momentum
BRQS – Grenade
CCNC – Grenade
CIFR – Grenade still hot?
CNTX – Chatter
DBGI – Grenade again
DWAC – Trump Spac
EBON – Crypto Grenade – Watch them All: ANY/HIVE/CAN/HUT/BTBT/BTCM there are tons!
EJH – This is a grenade like once or twice a month
EQOS – Crypto hot
LIDR – Grenade
METX – Grenade
MOGO – Grenade
OCGN – Runner, news
PERI – Bravo Earnings
PROG – Be careful has the volume today too!
RDBX – Grenade only has 2 million shares available
ROIV – Grenade upgraded
TIGR – Unshortable, ROAR! Man many of us have CALLS BABY!!!
The contents of this post are for information and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute financial, accounting, or legal advice. ... By choosing to make a trade you are responsible for your own actions. Please do some due diligence. These are trades I am making and you can follow along. If you make a winning trade, I do not even expect a bravo or thanks but that’s fine, if you lose on a trade the same difference.. I do not even expect an upvote or reward… The Elite team is aware of the risks and volatility in the market.
Good luck everyone let’s make money. Share trades, ideas here during trading hours. Our main goal here is to make money so I hope we can help eachother. I will be in and out of here as well.
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2021.10.26 10:02 xzry1998 N.L. pediatric ICU nears capacity over weekend, placed on diversion to Halifax

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2021.10.26 10:02 Znan_ir Husband Of Detained Iranian-British Woman Announces Hunger Strike

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2021.10.26 10:02 sharewithme Word of The Hour: Khuynh hướng nghi ngờ hoặc không tin tưởng.

Khuynh hướng nghi ngờ hoặc không tin tưởng. translates to suspicious
Word of The Hour's Annual Survey @ https://wordofthehour.org/form
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2021.10.26 10:02 thawingSumTendies $10 Bonus with Code: L7047Y :D 🇨🇦

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2021.10.26 10:02 PlatypusInBox rule

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