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Who is the most terrifying villain in Avatar LOK and give your reason?

2021.12.05 04:56 Fluffy_Effect_2697 Who is the most terrifying villain in Avatar LOK and give your reason?

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2021.12.05 04:56 diseasehub What is inflammation of the periosteum?

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2021.12.05 04:56 No_Abbreviations4274 MoonRocket 🚀 | Stealth Launched 30 mins Ago | Dev Active in VC | BUSD Rewards | Huge Marketing | Long Term Goals

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2021.12.05 04:56 Mellmcmax An ants POV on a cold foggy morning

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2021.12.05 04:56 hpmoon NEW POST from Vimeo User Group:

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2021.12.05 04:56 plushgamR Anyone need some icons for a mod?

Bored and want some shit to do, ill do it for free but im pretty new to it
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2021.12.05 04:56 voidvryz A little help

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Gcash : 09186320073
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2021.12.05 04:56 Fireflies_Exist Aphmau MCD and My Street Theories

At this point, it has been two years since the release of Aphamu's hit series 'Mystreet, When Angles Fall', and there, unfortunately, hasn't been any news on what might happen next to the series. Regardless, I still wanted to bring some things that I've been thinking about after reaching the series.
All of the information below is just speculation and personal theories.
While I don't see a point, I've labeled this post as SPOILERS, as there is information regarding many different series. DESPITE all of the series have come out at least two years ago now.
Anyways, let's begin with things like the 'big questions and things that are commonly known.
The series connection.
From the brief flashbacks from episode 11, the woman cloaked in blue is named Irene but has the memories of Aphmau from MCD (Minecraft Diaries). By having this character in both stories we can confirm that the two worlds are at least somewhat connected.
Now, with the biggest questions.

  1. Kim, Ghost, and Emmalyn?
  2. Who exactly is the woman cloaked in blue? - Who are the three parts of her soul?
  3. Who is the "Gatekeeper" from episode 11?
  4. Who is the young girl (voiced by Jessica's daughter)?
  5. BONUS THEORY: Mod-Mod World Connection.
Starting off, Kim is first revealed to be a girl in high school with a crush on MCD Laurance. She eventually takes on a bigger role in season 3 - Lover's Lane, where she is revealed to have been texting Laurance. She takes on a bigger role in season 4 - Emerald Secret - when she goes to the cabin with the gang and is possessed by Ghost.
Ghost is someone who has been wandering for thousands - only speculation - of years. Her name is later revealed to be Emmalyn at the end of season 6 - When Angles Fall. Though for simplicity (and to avoid confusion) I will refer to her as Ghost instead of Emmalyn.
Emmalyn is firstly a librarian/scholar in MCD. She has a rocky relationship with Aphmau in the beginning and is a massive fan of the deity Irene. She is married to Kenmur - from Meteli. We are left to speculate that both this Emmalyn and Ghost are the same person (as it has never been confirmed but heavily speculated).
From episode 3 (or 4 - I'm not too sure) Kim has an encounter with Ghost in the mind space - what I'm calling that black area of space that the characters are in when they are talking to people in their minds. The appearance of Ghost seems to be a disheveled form of MCD Emmalyn's skin and has the same VA when in the mindscape (instead of Kim and Ghost's shared VA when they are in Kim's body). The speculation that comes from Ghost being MCD Emmalyn is Ghost's obsession with Zane. We know that Emmalyn from MCD had married Kenmur and had been kidnapped by Zane in the early episodes of season 3. Though, the obsession is likely a byproduct of Ghost not being able to remember her past memories.
Season 1, which includes Emmalyn, is often ignored as it shows a human version of Emmalyn. While most people choose to pretend that portion doesn't exist it can be explained!
Ghost, in episode 11 (of seasons 6) talks about how someone they knew had split their soul so they had tried the same in an attempt to bring back the person they loved. While it is never confirmed that Emmalyn had successfully split her soul we can assume that she had. One part of Emmalyn's soul had become a ghost left to wander while the other portion had become a part of the reincarnation stream - just like Aphmau's. This will further be explained in another question.
To sum up question 1, Kim is possessed by the Ghost named Emmalyn, who is highly speculated to be Emmalyn from Minecraft Diaries, further supporting the connection between the two series.
Now, beginning with the question of who the woman cloaked in blue is we first need to understand the characters Irene, MCD Aphmau, and Mystreet Aphmau.
Irene is the deity or matron of Aphamu's series. She is a woman gifted with incredible power and known for leading the Divine Warriors - a group of people gifted with incredible abilities from relics. She has been confirmed to have lived for many, many years and is the only one of the Divine Warriors that does not go through the cycle of reincarnation. She eventually grows numb to her own feelings and locks herself away in the Irene Dimension - a dimension where time moves differently; 1 minute in this world is equivalent to 1 year in the normal dimension.
Eventually, she is awakened from her slumber as MCD Aphmau.
MCD Aphmau is known as the main character from the survival series turned roleplay from seasons 1-3 and eventually the main character for the re-birth series. MCD Aphmau is a woman who becomes the Lord of Phoneix Drop and eventually has a child with MCD Aaron Lycan - the former Lord of Falcon Claw. Their daughter is named Alina.
And lastly, from the original spinoff series, Mystreet Aphmau (who we will refer to as Aphmau, for the sake of simplicity.)
Aphmau is the daughter of Sylvanna (no last name given) and Zack (no last name given), and the half-sister of Ein. The (former?) finance of Aaron and Shue - her online profile name when she played an online game.
Each of these three people is one soul yet different people. There is much speculation on who the three parts of Aphmau's soul are though I believe it is the three characters that I have named above. In both episodes 11 and 15 of 'When Angles Fall' there are mentions of soul splitting. Ghost says "someone I knew had split their soul" (episode 11) and continues about how she had attempted to split her own soul. While there is no confirmation we can assume that the person that had split their soul was likely MCD Aphamu/Irene. We can assume this from episode 15 when Michale exclaims "you're a part third of her broken soul!"
Aphmau is confirmed to be a part of the broken soul.
MCD Aphmau is also highly speculated to be another part of the broken soul, as seen from evidence in episode 11. We can assume that for MCD Aphmau to enter the reincarnation stream, she needed to split her soul apart.
The last and third part, while speculated to be Alina, is Irene. While many people consider Irene and MCD Aphamu to be the same person THEY ARE NOT! Or at least, they are no longer the same person. While they shared the same body their minds were not one and the same. Earlier in episode 11, the gatekeeper says "in a way, her crimes were not your own." It is left up for the viewers to speculate who her is. Her is likely Irene as they were once the same person. She, Irene, had already been judged before MCD Aphmau as she hadn't continued living when Aphmau had begun to live her own life.
So, in the conclusion of question 2, the cloaked woman is MCD Aphmau though referred to as Irene.
The three parts of her broken soul is Irene, the original; MCD Aphmau, the woman who had played God; and Aphmau, the co-main character of Mystreet.
Who exactly is the 'Gatekeeper?'
The man who is worthy to pass judgment? The man who has waited to be with his family?
The Gatekeeper shares his voice actor with three other important characters. Derick (Aaron's father), Ein (Aphamu's half-brother), and Shad (Irene's former lover). When the Gatekeeper's face is revealed we see that he shares a striking resemblance to Shad the destroyer.
We can also assume he is Shad as he has a familiarity with MCD Aphmau that a stranger wouldn't have. MCD Aphmau says, "do you find justice in being the one to pass judgment onto me?" (episode 11). This implies that MCD Aphmau likely wronged him at some point in their lives. While there had been many people that MCD Aphmau felt she wronged Shad is likely the person that has been hurt the most by both Irene (his former lover) and MCD Aphmau (the woman who likely played a part in killing him).
So, the simpler guess is that the Gatekeeper is Shad.
Another guess could be Derick, because of the VA situation, but there isn't much proof for this one aside from the slightly familiar appearance and shared VA.
In conclusion, the Gatekeeper is likely Shad, though it is highly speculative. Especially at the end when the unnamed little girl comes up to him and calls him "father".
Building into the previous theory is question 4: who is the young girl?
From her appearance, we see that she has honey eyes and black hair. Aphamu's/Irene's eyes and hair. Unlike Alina, Aphmau's confirmed daughter, who has dark eyes like MCD Aaron (her father).
There is much speculation that she is the shared daughter of Irene and Shad. Irene's daughter because she shares a striking resemblance of Irene and Shad (the Gatekeeper) because she calls him "daddy".
The only thing that leaves a question is in the episode of Minecraft Diaries Season 3 Episode 100, when Hyria (Irene's friend) says that Irene never had any children herself.
While this series is older, it can likely be retconned out or Hyria could have been lying or misinformed. The girl is young so she likely (and sadly) died as a child. Either way, because of this fact, we can not confirm that she is Irene or Shad's daughter.
In conclusion, there really is no solid proof :(
Aphmau's Mod Mod world had originally been a series where Aphmau would have small funny role plays (similar to what she had in the first seasons of MCD) and test the different mods.
Season 2 of Aphmau's Mod Mod World, Known as VOID Paradox, consists of 10 episodes where the main character, Aphmau runs into MCD Laurance, who seems to be struggling with his inner demons. Eventually having to confront and fight his shadow knight self.
The second season of this series has a similar feeling to the current MCD season 3 and the later seasons of Mystreet.
It ends with the Aphmau of this series getting burn marks on her skin as she gets too close to a hole from another dimension.
The connection between VOID Paradox and Diaries is obvious in the character Laurance. Though, there are many questions that I won't go into, as this post is already long enough!
I only wanted to bring up this mini bonus theory because Aaron, near the end of season 6, gets the same burns on his skin. VOID burns, gotten from when Aphmau carries him back from MCD Aphmau's/Irene's dimension.
For anyone who made it this far, thank you!
I had been reading all the different theory posts on Aphmau's series after rewatching a few of them and I wanted to contribute my own! A lot of this stuff has already been talked about by other people, but I wanted to put my own input in!
Hopefully, Jessica will get back to making roleplay series again. But if not then that's alright!
I hope everyone remembers that this is all speculation and theories!
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2021.12.05 04:56 thejmoneyman How to prevent blue balls/precum?

Hey, so I feel stupid that Im asking this question but just wondering if anyone else has dealt with this. I'm 23, never had sex, and I've been seeing this girl lately. The past couple of times I have seen her, Ive started to feel wet in my underwear, I'll get an erection, the erection will pass but my balls and scrotum will become pretty achy and sore.

It's really aggravating because I'm trying to enjoy myself with her, just spending time with her not having sex or anything. But I'll feel my underwear getting wet and then I'll ache for a while, like it doesn't go away. The soreness will last for hours. Not sure what to do here.
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2021.12.05 04:56 hpmoon NEW POST from Vimeo User Group:

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2021.12.05 04:56 Duck_Doge_ers Post a moment that wrecked you

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2021.12.05 04:56 Catsnfish H: B2525 fixer W: commando or heavy explosive

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2021.12.05 04:56 frax_arts "ALLEGORY 1/2" - me, acrylic paints, 2021

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2021.12.05 04:56 Solid-Power-9256 Who else remembers who this is. Comment below.

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2021.12.05 04:56 Cursed_69420 Is "SELF LEISURE TIME" a hard concept to understand for parents?

Every single day, being a JEE aspirant, i get roughly 3 hours of free time, whose 1 hour itself goes into Exercise which i do happily as i get to listen to music. In the remaining 2 hours, i watch whatever i want, since my games have been banned.
even yesterday, me and my dad had a conversation where he wanted me to make collages of family photos etc, and told me to get Photoshop tutorials in my FREE TIME, saying that it will help me understand creativity more and make me more productive. WHAT THE FUCK???
and fyi: no i dont get increased free time if i get caught up in extra classes or their given chore. im very much obliged to help but NOT AT THE COST OF MY PERSONAL TIME.
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2021.12.05 04:56 winetotears Wake up. It’s time to get kicked in the nuts today.

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2021.12.05 04:56 propjX Math problems be like

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2021.12.05 04:56 verysad1997 Is there a “best” moral system?

I was watching some history on TikTok, and got me thinking ( a very short intrusive thought ), “why didn’t we kill all the baddies?”
Like just murder anyone who believes jn nazism. But then I realize, at least for me, that’s functionally the same as what the bad people in the history did.
everyone probably acted out of their earnest belief on how a world should work.
Now, I would consider myself a intersectional feminist and are pro LGBTQ+, but these beliefs are shaped by diverse experiences I had growing up, not learned from a specific textbook.
what then acts a proof that… racial equality is truly better than being racist? Being an ally is being better than being homophobic?
I think everyone should be treated equally because…. It’s nice?
Would this mean a potential rise of new modes of morals in the future that would make my viewpoint “less” fair and less moral?
Thank you
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2021.12.05 04:56 piecce Anandhi

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2021.12.05 04:56 OwnText9703 have good pictures of my young mother someone would like to swap or see? PM

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2021.12.05 04:56 AndiSMM28 New Home's Public Bathroom Walls

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