Took a few hours, but now the lights are finally up.

2021.12.05 04:26 tfaw88888 Took a few hours, but now the lights are finally up.

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2021.12.05 04:26 theInnerTicket ̷̛̣̔͋Ḩ̷̫̞͚͈͑̆͛̕ȧ̴̛̰͛̋͜v̴̢̟̤͕̲̿̍̒̚͝ë̶̠̞͈̞́̈͋ͅ ̷͓̤͕̥͔̆Y̵̨̟̖̙͒́͜͠͝o̴̢̻͈̺̐ů̷̳͊̀ ̴͈̈́Ḑ̵̲̜͉̌̚o̷̮̱͆̀̇̉̕͜n̴̩͆̋͛'̸̝̱̭͎͑́͋t̴̨͈͖͇̓ͅ ̵̨̮̄F̸̨̖̙̆̂̾ͅo̶̱̹̟͇̱̐̍̒̿̕r̷̺͈͙͓͆͊͝͠ͅg̷̘̰̰̞̬͝ȍ̸̢̗͉̌̏͆͠t̴̙̒̑̐̉t̷̰̞̜̺̗͒̄̒̏͆ḙ̸̫͐n̸̦̰͌̇͌̌͠ ̶̼̰̽M̵̨̼͗̂̐͊͜e̷͙͊͋̈́ͅ?̵̢̺͓̈́

̷̛̣̔͋Ḩ̷̫̞͚͈͑̆͛̕ȧ̴̛̰͛̋͜v̴̢̟̤͕̲̿̍̒̚͝ë̶̠̞͈̞́̈͋ͅ ̷͓̤͕̥͔̆Y̵̨̟̖̙͒́͜͠͝o̴̢̻͈̺̐ů̷̳͊̀ ̴͈̈́Ḑ̵̲̜͉̌̚o̷̮̱͆̀̇̉̕͜n̴̩͆̋͛'̸̝̱̭͎͑́͋t̴̨͈͖͇̓ͅ ̵̨̮̄F̸̨̖̙̆̂̾ͅo̶̱̹̟͇̱̐̍̒̿̕r̷̺͈͙͓͆͊͝͠ͅg̷̘̰̰̞̬͝ȍ̸̢̗͉̌̏͆͠t̴̙̒̑̐̉t̷̰̞̜̺̗͒̄̒̏͆ḙ̸̫͐n̸̦̰͌̇͌̌͠ ̶̼̰̽M̵̨̼͗̂̐͊͜e̷͙͊͋̈́ͅ?̵̢̺͓̈́
̷̪͂̾̉H̷̠̲̜̫͛͐͘͘a̵̪̠͇̓͆̂͝v̶̯͍̮̈́̽͊́͝e̶̟̮͉̜̒͠ ̷̛̠̟̗̾̊̋Y̵̛̼͖͚͖̌̌̅̾ő̸̢̘͔͉̊̿u̴̼̲͆̽̇ ̴̩̟͔͛́̏D̶͎̟̥̻̻̓͂̄͘ǫ̶͈̝̫̜͐̈͝ ̸̯̈́̈́N̵̪̺͐̆o̵͙̟̓̊̈́͘w̸̱͊̀͒͊̑?̸̩̖͎́̌̅͗͛
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I know it sounds stupid but I always wondered who the sick bastard that made fukouna shoujo is?
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2021.12.05 04:26 Porcupinesonelove Arcane Voidgate Portal [twitch drops]

did anyone get Arcane Voidgate Portal already from Delve league twitch drops?
still didn't get one in game, got 100% and claimed it
2legg goat and Divine Arcane Portal worked for me this league(so my acc was already relinked)
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2021.12.05 04:26 late_gloom Any girl want to send nudes;)

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2021.12.05 04:26 Millersam123 Why is guarma relevant? All those men in chains die. Their story in that place also dies. I don't think John even mentions it in red dead 1. On my 8th playthrough for the trophies.

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2021.12.05 04:26 theacearrow Small ergonomic keyboard?

I'm recovering from wrist surgery and I'm still really struggling to touchtype. My (left) wrist can't twist enough to comfortably use a keyboard without a lot of contortion and/or pain, and that's just not sustainable. I'm a college student, so I spend a lot of time typing.
I can get my wrist about 45* off of flat easily, 30* with some pain. Ideally, I'd carry this keyboard with me so I can pull it out whenever I need to type.
Any ideas or tips?
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2021.12.05 04:25 Alerst 🐶 Ninja Floki Inu 🐶 Stealth Launched 10 Minutes - MC $4k! | 🧠 Unique Ideas and Tokenomics | 💰 HUGE Daily Prize Draw | 💎 The next BSC 100x!

🐶 Ninja Floki Inu 🐶 Stealth Launched 10 Minutes - MC $4k! | 🧠 Unique Ideas and Tokenomics | 💰 HUGE Daily Prize Draw | 💎 The next BSC 100x!

📝CONTRACT: 0x55049e8616362026Ac661fA0eB21aAc31d4FFd66



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-After launch we will submit for an audit and it will be done in the upcoming week.

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2 % Buy - 2% Liquidity

2 % Sell - 2% Liquidity



🌐CONTRACT: 0x55049e8616362026Ac661fA0eB21aAc31d4FFd66
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2021.12.05 04:25 MapsofScreaming Are Petersonians suddenly paying attention to the appalling conditions and squalor migrants live under in detention centres in Australia? Nah, they're getting upset at some Karen's cell video from a Quarantine hotel.

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2021.12.05 04:25 hoosier_man_12 ESPN's anti-Nd bias

All week long I heard that kelly and riley are more likely to succeed in their new roles than freeman. With where those programs stand today (lsu problems on and off the field, USC just lost to cal and finished 4-8), that is a ridiculous take imo (particularly seeing how much excitement freeman instills in players).
Those same pundits would be decrying freeman as a catastrophic loss the minute he took a HC job at [vanderbilt, uconn, etc.].
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2021.12.05 04:25 SkiddyBopBeep When have you said something mean only to feel guilty about it later?

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2021.12.05 04:25 Determination7 An Outcast In Another World (Subtitle: Is 'Insanity' A Racial Trait?) [Fantasy, LitRPG] - Chapter 84 (Part TWO)

I'll be posting one update a day until HFY is caught up! In case you missed the previous topic:
Link to Chapter 84 (Part 1)


A haunting, soulful melody echoed throughout the theater as Zamira reached the end of her song’s final chorus. Riardin’s Rangers stayed perfectly still and quiet, absorbing the experience in full until she’d finished singing the very last verse. As the remnants of Zamira’s voice faded into silence, swallowed up by the depths of the Party’s admiration, Rob found himself at a loss for words. He’d never had an issue with his own voice, but he felt that if he spoke now, his diction would sound like the mumblings of a drunken frat boy in comparison. Zamira’s performance was the most beautiful thing he’d heard in a long time, and like the rest of the Party currently sitting in the theater’s front row, he wanted to savor the afterglow and commit as much of it to memory as possible.
Unfortunately, from Zamira’s perspective, she’d sung her heart out and now her friends were staring at her without saying anything. Consternation crept into her demeanor as she tried and mostly succeeded to keep her composure. “Did I perform well?” She asked, her tone wary with a hint of dread.
The Party stood up in unison, clapping and cheering as they sang her praises. Zamira’s eyes widened, her mortification swept aside in an instant. A budding smile warred with pleased embarrassment on her face as if she were a kid at her first club recital. Rob knew that the Party would have clapped regardless of how well she’d done – and on a certain level, so did Zamira – but luckily, she’d knocked it out of the park. They didn’t have to fake a single iota of their applause.
And moreso than being treated to great music in a world where that was depressingly difficult to come by, Rob was overjoyed that Zamira’s hobby was being given the positive reinforcement it deserved by her friends. Riardin’s Rangers got along well with each other, but most of that was a result of trauma bonding rather than sharing mutual interests; partially because most of them barely had interests outside of growing stronger and surviving the next day. Rob wanted their friendships to mean more than that, and he wanted them to have something to live for once the fighting was over. When the dust cleared and the last of their enemies had been put ten feet under, they were going to need hobbies to fall back on to keep the PTSD at bay.
That was what made today so important. Rob knew full well that they weren’t going to get many days like these. There was still a fucking Blight waiting outside the City. He was going to treasure every quiet moment he could get his hands on – and make sure that the others treasured them too.
“That was even better than your last performance!” Vul’to exclaimed, a broad smile on his face. “Have you been practicing in secret?”
Zamira cleared her throat, arms crossed behind her back. “Perhaps once or twice.” The corner of her mouth twitched. “Perhaps...more than twice.”
“It paid off!” Rob yelled, cupping his hands around his mouth. “Encore!”
“Yes, of course, right away.” She paused. “Might I ask what an encore is?”
“It means give us a repeat performance!”
Zamira took a moment to consider something. “If that is your wish, then I have no choice but to oblige,” she said. “However, I believe that before beginning my ‘encore’, I should ensure that our guest isn’t left out of the proceedings. It’s only fair.”
She began to sing again. Six members of the Party grimaced as their ears were assaulted by discordant sounds that their brains couldn’t fully parse. Rob smiled and glanced at Faelynn, who was sitting in her seat with an expression of pure astonishment. Zamira was reprising her performance – this time using Auto-Translate to re-interpret the lyrics from Elvish to Fiendish. Faelynn had sat through Zamira’s first song, and even clapped once it finished, but the actual vocals must have sounded as grating to her as the current song did to the non-Rob members of their Party. And as Rob had already heard the same song just a few minutes ago, it was clear to everyone here this was a performance meant solely for Faelynn’s sake.
A paranoid person might have attributed Zamira’s gesture to political manipulation. By ensuring that the Fiend’s ‘diplomatic liaison’ felt welcome within the group, their ties with the Fiends would be strengthened, leading to a more favorable outcome in future negotiations. But Rob didn’t get that impression from Zamira, and neither did Diplomacy. She just wanted to be accomodating to their guest, and by the cheerful look on Faelynn’s face, it was a gesture that hadn’t gone unnoticed.
Diplomacy said, his core of emotions tranquil and calm.
Yeah. Rob settled into his seat and smiled. It is.

Zamira wanted to bury herself into the ground and never come up for air. It had been twenty minutes since her last song ended and she was still recovering from the embarrassment. How everyone had talked her into granting them a private performance, she would never know, and she could only give her thanks to Lothren that it hadn’t ended up as an unmitigated disaster.
She grimaced, striking the last thought from her mind. Praying to the gods was a reflexive action that would take some time to correct. And more to the point, the notion of thanking the gods for her success would only undermine her own achievements. Every endeavor involved a certain measure of luck, but luck was nothing without effort to reinforce it.
Zamira closed her eyes, and with some effort, forced herself to accept that her friends’ adulation was a response that she had earned on her own merits. Their cheers were gained not through divine assistance, but through a combination of talent, practice, and desire.
“You look happy.”
Zamira’s eyes snapped open. She turned her head towards Faelynn, who was sitting a respectful two seats away. The Fiend’s mouth was slightly open and her eyes were blinking rapidly, almost as if she was surprised that she’d spoken. Zamira decided to rescue Faelynn by replying before an awkward silence could permeate the air.
“’Happy’ isn’t a necessarily incorrect assumption,” she replied. “But ‘satisfied’ is more accurate. For most of my life, I limited the forms of self-expression that I allowed myself to outwardly communicate and participate in. It was easier to skirt beneath society’s bubble, like a transient breeze passing through an empty road.”
Faelynn raised an eyebrow. “That is a more poetic answer than I expected.”
Zamira’s lips perked up slightly. “I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on my past and come to terms with the woman I used to be. This includes time spent on composing metaphors meant to add a dramatic flair to the fact that I lacked a single friend.”
In truth, choosing Ranger over Swordmaster was but one instance of the ways she’d fled from herself. Zamira had never been particularly adept at forming bonds – owing to her taciturn demeanor which was often interpreted as detached – and the fear of societal rejection was a powerful one that had informed many of her decisions. And unlike many others, her family survived the Cataclysm, which only made it easier to forego interactions with her peers. She had her mother and her father; it would be greedy to ask for more. Greedy to waste time practicing singing when she could be honing her martial prowess. Greedy to choose the Class she desired as opposed to the Class that The Village needed.
And so she’d become a Ranger, spurned her own hobbies, scorned Keira like everyone else, and accepted the horrific state of the world as an unassailable fact.
“If there is any silver lining to be gleaned from recent events,” Zamira started. “It is that Elatra coming apart at the seams has forced me to re-examine the type of person I was, and the type of person I want to be. The old Zamira would not have survived so long, I think. She certainly wouldn’t have thrived.”
Zamira inclined her head towards the rest of the Party. “I imagine it’s much the same for them as well.”
At the center of the theater’s stage, Rob and Orn’tol were in the midst of acting out an impromptu play. Orn’tol had cast himself in the role of the mighty hero, while Rob had adopted the guise of a sinister villain. Coaxing the boy out of his shell was no small feat – he seemed wary to take any action that might portray him as immature – but by now he was fully in-character and loving every second of their performance. Currently, he was in the middle of slaying the vile blackguard that had menaced the countryside for years, with Rob clutching his heart and crying out dramatically as he collapsed to the floor.
Vul’to was there as well, playing the part of a piece of scenery. Zamira was...confused regarding how that had come to pass, but he seemed happy, so she wasn’t going to question it.
For the sake of Orn’tol’s pride, the other members of the Party had elected to ignore the boy’s ‘larping session’ – as Rob called it – and find ways to amuse themselves. Keira was teaching Malika how to throw a punch, recommending that she imbue her fists with electric shocks, a prospect that the young Archmage was very enthused about. Meyneth, for her part, was sitting to the side and watching the chaos unfold. She didn’t have the appearance of someone alone and ostracized; rather, she seemed content to relax and soak in the pleasant atmosphere.
If only every day could be like this, Zamira thought. I suppose it may be, once the Blight has been defeated. This warmth, this affection...I need to remember it. When I next have doubts, I’ll recall that this is what I’m fighting for.
“You’re not at all what I expected,” Faelynn suddenly said. “None of you are. Before meeting you, I was already aware – in a distant, objective sense – that Elves had their own society. That they possessed hopes, dreams, and love.”
She grimaced. “But in the end, what did it matter? In my four decades of living, your kind has only ever been an enemy. Of course, the Humans were a significantly bigger threat, but every now and then the Elves would lend their assistance, and they slaughtered our people with the same level of ferocity.”
Faelynn swept her eyes across the room, taking in the sight of Riardin’s Rangers enjoying life. “I find it difficult to reconcile what I’ve experienced for many years with what I’ve learned in the past few days.” She furrowed her eyebrows. “Even though their voices sound like scraping glass, it’s clear as day that they are people I could get along with, time permitted.”
Zamira gave Faelynn a quick once-over, coming to the same conclusion she had with every other Fiend she’d encountered. Once someone got past the – admittedly disturbing – eyes of pure darkness, their race didn’t look so much different than the average Dragonkin. It was a fact she would never say out loud, as most Dragonkin would likely attempt to tear her head off at the accusation, but it made her observation no less true. The carapace that covered half of Faelynn’s skin was similar to Meyneth’s scales, both possessed retractable claws, and the two were of similar height and build. Faelynn had horns and ashen-white skin, but neither of those attributes detracted from her appearance. If anything, she was as attractive as Meyneth. Beauty and strength combined into one form.
Perhaps it was shallow of her to revise her opinions of the Fiends based on how physically appealing they were, but really, how was she supposed to continue thinking of them as horrifying abominations when they were so close to everyday people? The male Fiends were a bit more overly-muscled than normal, and overall not to her liking – for multiple reasons – but they still didn’t look monstrous. And Faelynn was a woman with transparent, relatable emotions who was scarcely older than Zamira herself. The more time she spent with the Fiends, the more her inborn animosity faded, like a dying ember in a winter storm.
It was almost enough to make her forget that they could eat souls.
Faelynn shook her head and rubbed her eyes. “Fucking hell.” Her voice rose to a growl. “What was it all for? I’ve lost friends to Humans. Their race’s erasure almost made the destruction wreaked by the Cataclysm worth the tens of thousands of funerals that followed in its wake.”
She sagged into her chair. “And now a Human is the first to speak our language and offer vows of peace. I just...can’t make sense of it anymore.”
“I can’t either,” Zamira admitted. “But, for what it’s worth, I’m glad to have met you.”
Faelynn fell silent. Half a minute later, she spoke. “Thank you. For the song, I mean. It was beautiful.”
Zamira’s mouth widened into a broad smile. “You’re very welcome, Faelynn.”

“You know,” Rob said. “Laying on a rooftop and staring at the night sky is a lot more therapeutic than I would have expected.”
Keira nodded, eyes sparkling. “It is, isn’t it? A pity that the others couldn’t join us.”
“Can’t blame ‘em,” he remarked. “It’s getting late. Anyone still awake at this hour is probably out making poor life decisions.”
“Excluding you and I?”
Rob shot her a toothy grin. “Since when did I ever say I made good decisions? Do you have any idea how many all-nighters I’ve pulled?”
She let out an infectious chuckle, causing Rob to join in. In all honesty, while the added company would have been nice, he wasn’t too broken up about the others turning in for the night. They’d already spent the entire day together, and alone time with Keira was never a bad thing.
He breathed out a relaxed sigh and directed his gaze at the night sky. For all the weird ways Elatra was different from Earth – he was never going to get over purple grass – he could at least take solace in the stars. Points of light dotting a coat of blackness, constant and unchanging.
“What I’m about to say will sound cheesy,” Rob began. “But I’m allowed to be cheesy when staring up at a full moon, so hey.” He raised his arm and pointed upwards. “Seeing this kinda makes me feel nostalgic for Earth. Not in a bad way, though. It’s more like...”
He lowered his arm. “Mom, Dad, and Jason could be looking at their own night sky right now. Unlikely, but it’s nice to think about being connected to them in some small way.”
Keira turned her head to look at him. “Earth’s sky is similar to Elatra’s?”
“Would be impossible to tell the difference without a telescope.”
Keira kept her eyes on him. She opened her mouth by a fraction, apparently working up the courage to say something. Rob waited for her to speak up, the casual atmosphere and calming stars leaving him completely defenseless against the precision arrow that Keira’s next words fired straight into his heart.
“If you could return to Earth at this very moment, would you?”
Rob froze, Keira’s gaze locking him in place. The moment stretched into several seconds that might as well have been an eternity. He fought against the urge to turn away; she deserved to be looked in her eyes when he answered.
“I don’t know,” Rob admitted. “On one hand, I definitely want to return. Really, really want to.” He grimaced. “And can you blame me? Christ almighty, this world just gets worse every day. There doesn’t seem to be an end to the shit we keep having to deal with, at least not in the imminent future. Earth has its issues, but it’s heaven compared to Elatra, and at the bare minimum it doesn’t have to deal with eldritch abominations crawling up reality’s asshole.”
Rob paused. “On the other hand,” he continued, “I’d be leaving behind a lot of people who depend on me. My relationship with the Deserters is a bit rocky at times, but they did sever ties with the rest of the Elves to head north, and I know for a fact that some of them did it in support of me. I can’t ignore that, and I can’t ignore that a bunch of them would be dead without my shared Fast Learner and Vitality buffs.”
He made sure to keep his gaze locked intently on Keira’s. “And more importantly, I’d be leaving behind people who I personally care about. The Elders, Riardin’s Rangers...and especially you.”
Keira’s eyes softened. She took a deep breath, exhaled, then spoke.
“When you have the opportunity to return to Earth, take it.” A sad smile spread across her face. “It’s what I want. The gods are our enemies – it’s hard to imagine you lasting another year. As much as I very much like having you around, I would prefer to miss your absence rather than mourn your loss.”
“Not that simple,” Rob answered. “I care about you guys too much. Don’t think this is a decision I’ll be able to make until I get the chance to make it, and even then, it’ll probably come down to how selfish I’m feeling in that exact moment.”
“That’s just how it is?”
“That’s just how it is.”
They fell silent. Minutes of quiet passed.
As if drawn together by a magnetic force, their fingers laced around each other, hands embracing.
Rob closed his eyes, at peace.
Diplomacy said.
I still have over a month before my promise to you hits its deadline, Rob replied, without a hint of mirth.
Diplomacy sputtered.
Don’t, Rob desperately begged. Please. Please don’t. I can’t…
It took a great deal of effort to prevent himself from crushing Keira’s hand as his body tensed. Everything hurts, he thought. Corruption’s burning me from inside. And there’s so many things to worry about. Fiends, Blight, Deserters, Gods, Leveling High, Duran. It’s all...I need this. Just a day of no thinking and no responsibilities and no complicated feelings. Don’t fucking take this away from me.
Diplomacy recoiled. A few seconds later, it nodded. <...Okay.>
Rob forced his muscles to relax and tried his best to get back into the mood. He was mostly able to, but from that moment onward until he and Keira split up and headed back to their respective rooms, a thin tendril of worry wrapped itself around his mind, and didn’t let go.

From behind her hidden vantage point, Meyneth watched with more than a little exasperation as the two fools left for the night. She was inexperienced in the ways of romance – to put it lightly – but scenarios such as these rarely came up organically. Alone, in a secluded area, under the moonlit stars? She wouldn’t have been surprised if they’d decided to consummate their union right then and there.
Yet there they were, going to bed. Separate beds. Another missed opportunity, she thought, sighing inwardly.
Although upon further reflection, it might have been for the best. Rob and Keira loved each other, yes. That much was apparent. However, love on its own was not enough to sustain a relationship. The numerous falling-outs she’d observed in Dragonkin territory were sufficient proof of that. It was distressingly easy for the warmth of affection to morph into the flames of resentment. The pattern was always the same; enthusiastic paramours would form a relationship without first addressing their issues and insecurities, and their love would fester and decay as a result. It was like trying to build a castle on a foundation made of rotten wood. Rob and Keira weren’t the worst bundle of issues and insecurities she’d witnessed – Dragonkin romance was fertile ground for explosive melodrama – but they were both wounded people whose brains were addled by youthful lust. That was to say nothing of Zamira waiting in the wings to complicate matters. Not that it was her fault, but reality was what it was.
Meyneth frowned, tapping her claws against her scales. She’d seen groups of friends torn apart over situations less fragile than this. And she happened to like this group of friends. Very much so. She was accepted here; appreciated and cared about for who she was as a person. They enjoyed her company, and she enjoyed theirs.
And she would sooner burn down the city than lose that feeling.
With a nod, Meyneth stood up, her decision made. Waiting had failed to resolve the situation; thus, action was required. She would enlist aid, join her mind with theirs, and produce a solution devised to resolve matters amicably on all sides. Keira, Rob, Zamira – you three had best be prepared, she thought, in a dry tone. The least-qualified person for the job is here to provide their aid.
She could only hope that it wouldn’t take overly long to resolve her friends’ issues. That way, they’d have time to share a few nights of passion before the Blight killed everyone.
Elder Alessia rubbed her temples and groaned loudly. It was behavior unfitting of an Elder, but she was resting alone in her room, so she could be as obnoxious and inelegant as she damn well pleased. Especially when her head kept pulsing like it was a drum being beaten by an overzealous performer.
One hour, she groused. One hour of Fiendish language lessons in the morning is all it took to reduce me to this state. She, Rob, and the Healers had collectively agreed that if she was going to attempt to learn a Skill that nearly killed Zamira – an idea that the Healers had pleaded with her to reconsider – then they would need to proceed with the utmost of caution. One hour of lessons a day, as opposed to the several straight hours that led to Zamira’s incident, with Healers on immediate standby.
Their caution was rewarded. Soon after the hour transpired, a splitting migraine tore through Alessia’s head like a sword through paper. No brain damage, thankfully, but any longer spent learning Fiendish would have triggered a potentially fatal reaction. It was telling that her headache was only now beginning to subside.
She would, of course, continue her lessons tomorrow. Learning Fiendish was too important of a task to be deterred by simple risk. Based on how long it had taken Zamira to gain Auto-Translate, several more days of one-hour lessons with Rob should suffice, after which she would finally be able to contribute to negotiations in a meaningful way. While the state of her body was...aggravating, the pain was irrelevant, a distraction from the true issue at hand: the Fiends were hiding something related to the Blight. Many somethings, most likely. And until she could understand their language, her chances of figuring out what game they were playing were nonexistent. In the state she was in, she couldn’t even see the board, let alone discern how its pieces were being moved.
To put it bluntly; the current state of affairs was unacceptable. Rob and Zamira had done well thus far, but they weren’t suited for this task. Without the surprise miracle of a sentient Diplomacy coming to their aid, the Deserters would already have been cowed into subservience, slaves to the Fiends’ designs.
Alessia unclenched her teeth and willed herself to relax. Letting her anger continue to flare would only serve to worsen the pounding in her forehead. The Deserters’ predicament was fixable, and if she navigated these treacherous waters with a degree of finesse, the Fiends might end up as friends instead of foes. An absurd notion to consider, but they were living in strange times, indeed. Best that she mentally prepare herself to join forces with the terrors of the north and treat with them as allies.
Besides, it was far more sensible to direct her anger towards those who deserved it.
“I think I hate you,” Alessia said aloud. She didn’t bother clarifying her statement – if its recipients were listening, they could hear her, and they would know who she was speaking to. “It’s a curious feeling,” she continued. “Converting years of worship into loathing over the span of several weeks is like curing yourself of a poison and imbibing another right afterwards. Yet how could I not drink from hatred’s cup now that I know what I know? My ire is the very least of what you deserve.”
She dug her fingernails into her palms. “Were you incapable or incompetent, I would have accepted that,” she said. “Everyone has their limits. I would not have blamed you for an inability to assist your people, frustrating as the notion may be.”
Alessia’s wrists trembled. “Were you uncaring, I would have accepted that as well. You owe this world nothing. I would have put you out of my mind, discarded the possibility of divine intervention coming to our aid in a time of need, and that would have been that.”
Her nails pierced the skin. “Were you malicious towards my generation, and my generation alone, I would have disliked you. Feelings of shock would have given way to confusion, then betrayal, my emotions slowly consolidating into the grim realization that power corrupts even the highest of beings. And yet, even If I’d been subjected to this ghastly scenario, I still would have dealt with the revelation and moved on.”
Blood dripped down her palms. “So many allowances I would have granted you – and yet you target the children.
Seething fury burst from her throat like an exploding Firebomb. “Do you have any notion in the slightest of what you’ve done to them? Meyneth excluded, Zamira is the oldest among their number, and she is thirty-nine. A technical adult, by society’s standards, but I know better. This is the point in their lives when they should be discovering themselves, engaging in torrid love affairs, and making mistakes to remember fondly decades down the line. Which is to say nothing of the two actual children among their number – gods, Orn’tol has embarked on an aberrant Dungeon Crawl twice. Instead of enjoying life, that group of miscreants has self-stylized themselves as hardened soldiers, neglecting their happiness for the sake of winning the next battle. And the worst part is, I can’t gainsay their decisions, because what they’ve done is necessary. It’s all that’s kept them alive.”
She saw red. “You have ruined their youth. They may regain some of it with time, but not entirely, never entirely. Even now, they struggle to retain a sense of normalcy, but one day is hardly sufficient in that regard. These years will haunt them for the rest of their days.”
Slowly, Alessia unclenched her fists. The pain in her palms and the throbbing in her forehead were paltry concerns. Grains of sand when compared to the desert of suffering that Riardin’s Rangers were being subjected to by deities from on high.
Riardin’s Rangers. They’d gone so far as to honor his memory by naming their Party after him. It was more than Alessia herself had been able to do.
“Initially,” she continued. “I couldn’t fathom why Rob made an attempt to strangle you. Now, I understand all too well.”
No one answered. She didn’t expect them to, nor did she care either way. Her intentions had already been set in stone.
“I’m unsure if there’s a word for what I’m thinking of.” A savage smile that didn’t reach her eyes split across her face. “The killing of a regent is regicide, the killing of a parent is patricide – I suppose the killing of a deity would have to be deicide, yes?”
Alessia smeared her blood across her forehead. It was war paint and a vow all in one. “Mark my words. If Rob is the one to kill you, it’ll be only because I didn’t get there first.”


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