[USA-WA] [H] Corsair HX1000W 80 PLUS Modular PSU [W] Local Cash, PayPal

2021.12.05 05:29 sejiva_ [USA-WA] [H] Corsair HX1000W 80 PLUS Modular PSU [W] Local Cash, PayPal

perfectly working and clean Corsair HX Series Modular 1,000W Power Supply with certified 80 Plus efficiency.
bearing fan is still efficient and works at load. power supply has Never been used in a mining rig, only for gaming and causal computer use.
I have a 24 Pin Power Supply tester than can be demonstrated verifying functionality for extra reassurance.
Dimensions: 150mm(W)x86mm(H)x200mm(L) Model: CMPSU-1000HX
Any inquires welcome, located in Upper North Lynnwood, Zip 98087
Time Stamp
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2021.12.05 05:29 yeyeyetom Can someone give me vertcode bodyweight? I can trade for KneesOverToes guy.

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2021.12.05 05:29 FeatureAlternative1 $40 Free Bitcoin for $100+ deposit (BlockFi)

$40 Free Bitcoin for $100+ deposit (BlockFi) BlockFi is a great banking alternative which pays you interest for saving your crypto with them. Particularly, their 8.25% APY for stablecoins is just wonderful. If you sign up using my referral link and meet their deposit requirement, you get a $40 bonus in bitcoin. That is their normal bonus amount $10 plus $30 extra specially added if the person referring is a current BlockFi Rewards Visa Card holder, which I am. (Please see images below)
To get the $40 BTC bonus,
  1. Sign up using my referral link found on this page.
  2. Make sure referral code 1f7f2ee0 is entered when signing up for BlockFi.
  3. Go through verification steps.
  4. You need to transfer $100 or more in crypto or fiat to your account. This can be done by sending crypto from your wallet or exchange, or depositing fiat through bank ACH. Fiat deposit is valid for the bonus since your fiat gets converted to a stablecoin (I've checked this point with support) I recommend depositing $105 of crypto or fiat to account for market fluctuations.
  5. Bonus payout occurs every second Friday of each month. So just leave your fund and wait.
If you're not sure if your referral code is entered correctly, you can check on your "Referral" page in the line that says "Referral Code Used". If the code is missing, contact support via chat and ask them to add it manually.
I have noted some more helpful information about this offer on this page. For proof of my BlockFi Visa Card ownership, please see this video. Please feel free to DM me if you have any questions.
Thank you for using my referral, in advance!

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2021.12.05 05:29 7hdhfu Front teeth slight wiggle and pain

13m, no medical conditions.My front teeth have been In pain for the last week.They have also been having a slight wiggle.It just feels odd.I went to the dentist and they said it was normal because my back teeth are pushing forward.I am still worried can my tooth that is wiggly fall out.The doctor said that's normal.Will my tooth be more vulnerable or anything.
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2021.12.05 05:29 ProgressForsaken8101 The Heavens Are Telling from The Creation by Franz Joseph Haydn

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2021.12.05 05:29 IBICat Does passing stress go away?

Im always worried about whether I pass or not even when I haven't been actually misgendered in like 8 months, I just keep feeling like I don't pass and it's always stressful
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2021.12.05 05:29 _-_ZERO_-_ZERO_-_ Just got the update and made a map on mobile how is it?

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2021.12.05 05:29 Obamathecheeseeater Roblos Hank just vibin

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2021.12.05 05:29 LogosDunamis7 Why can't people just make coffee at home?🏡 ☕ Instead of waiting at long lines at whatever place they spend money at? 🤔

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2021.12.05 05:29 EverydayComrade [Watch] The ETSU Buccaneers Snatch Victory from the Kennesaw State Owls in a Thrilling Final 2 Minutes of Play

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2021.12.05 05:29 Aklima123456 Nice project

https://metamine.green #MetaMine #MINE #greenmining #ETH #Bsc #gogreen #greenenergy #crypto #dao #daogovernance #metaverse #Bitcoin #NFT #cryptomining
This project will go much further in the future because the team working on it is very strong. We will be happy to see the achievements
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2021.12.05 05:29 Ok_Conversation_5192 Join the TEEN 17- Discord Server!

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2021.12.05 05:29 moseyormuss Would an Aizen Backstory ruin his character? If no, what do you imagine it to be?

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2021.12.05 05:29 antwoneoko I’m sensing a pattern here…

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2021.12.05 05:29 DigitalAssetUniverse Wow! So originally what was a 50 NFT giveaway has lead me to give away all these NFTs instead. Almost done! Drop Polygon Address below for a free 'Sexy Butterfly' NFT. I am only keeping 1 for myself of each. The rest is going to be gifted to all of you! <3 Season 1 almost complete! Hurry!

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2021.12.05 05:29 charis808 Where/how can I learn to drive in Kona?

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2021.12.05 05:29 StoicSpork A year after an earthquake, I wake up every night thinking there's an earthquake

Hi all,
Last year, I experienced earthquake for the first time in my life. Early in the year, there was a 5.5 in my hometown of Zagreb, Croatia - not huge, but we were unprepared. What made it harder for me was having a six-months old baby at the time.
A few days before the New Year, two similar quakes shook my mother's hometown and I went there to help her fix some damage in her home. The next day, a 6.5 one hit and the building around me collapsed. On returning to Zagreb, my employer provided me counselling.
Everything seemed fine for a while. I learned to live with aftershocks and went on with my life - even getting promoted.
Starting last month, I began waking up every night dead sure an earthquake is happening - I hear the rumble and the apartment shaking, see objects move, feel the shock.
But, it isn't.
I'm grateful for any insight into this situation.
Many thanks.
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2021.12.05 05:29 No_Choice4905 Metahero dominating F1?? 🚀

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2021.12.05 05:29 Malchin123 My collection of Black Sabbath LPs

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2021.12.05 05:29 sleepycj question on new glasses prescription

is it normal for one eye to tend to squint while wearing my new frames, or could the script for this eye be incorrect?
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2021.12.05 05:29 NODE_Gamers Deeeer Simulator Trophy Guide

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2021.12.05 05:29 marmelaika Wenn der Sonntagabend über die Welt hereinbricht, geht eine Welle der Angst vor dem Montagmorgen langsam um den Globus.

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2021.12.05 05:29 NonoTheAvatarPearson Brown Bubble

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2021.12.05 05:29 ShadowVampyre13 Happy Birthday to Da Floof!

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2021.12.05 05:29 PoppyDennel [H] Spotify Lifetime Premium Upgrade & YouTube Lifetime Premium Upgrade | [W] Spotify 9.99€ | [W] Youtube 9.99€ | PayPal | Crypto | Resellers Packages | 0% Kick Rate | 1900+ Customers

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Spotify Prices:
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