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Advance Wars By Web | Grand Strategy Cast: Asia, Day 27

2022.01.27 23:15 A_Whole_Costco_Pizza Advance Wars By Web | Grand Strategy Cast: Asia, Day 27

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2022.01.27 23:15 crimsonrn100 Starting the game yet again, what race and build should I do and name my character?

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2022.01.27 23:15 Teanaway99 Opinion | Tucker Carlson’s pro-Russia rants give Republicans exactly what they deserve

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2022.01.27 23:15 Dick_Prickly Two months since grafting, two months til spring

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2022.01.27 23:15 lintinn Matt Ryan is now the 3rd oldest starting qb in the nfl

Behind Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.
In 2021 Rodgers finished 1st in QBR In 2021 Brady finished 2nd in QBR …….
In 2021 Matt Ryan finished 21st in QBR
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2022.01.27 23:15 ViralMedia007 [Code: AWSJAN_22 ] 🔥15 Best Selling AWS Courses: Solutions Architect Professional, Associate, Cloud Practitioner, Developer Associate, SysOps Administrator, Networking Masterclass, AWS Business, AWS Identity Management, Cloud Computing from $9.99

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2022.01.27 23:15 TayloidPogo92 Ka’ena Point State Park

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2022.01.27 23:15 jalostrich Can I get hired at 55?

I have a great job in PA and have been a teacher for 26 years. I am 51, and could probably retire at 62 if I stayed here.
But my parents live in Nevada and in their early 80s. I’m thinking about leaving PA when I’m 55 and my child has graduated from high school.
Will I have trouble getting hired at that age? I teach AP Literature and have been a reader for the College Board.
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2022.01.27 23:15 Piloto7 Hi! Can someone recommend a movie that's similar in style or warmth to Gone Home (Videogame)?

I played it once, all the way back when it came out, and I still love the tone and vibe and all of it so much! I'm a film buff big time and from time to time I've tried to find movies that are similar to GH. Maybe set in the 90s, at night, with bitter sweet love stories or a sense of discovery. I reckon there must be a couple hidden gems like that to be found. Cheers!
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2022.01.27 23:15 Bornagainvurgin24 'Got a straw for THAT'

Story happened a while ago.
Be me. Short buff Indian dude doing DoorDash in the hood since my life wasn't exciting enough.
Accept an order from a smoothie place. (Either Jamba or SK) It was a giant sized smoothie (32 Oz) and a panini. Delivery to a weave place. First of all I've never been to a weave place and didn't even know what it was outside of The Migos rapping about it a few times.
This was a hot day too and I was delivering in a wife beater and squatting shorts. Needless to say every vein on my frame was popping due to sweat and the creatinine I took earlier.
I go in to the business and of course my weave lady customer is all the way in the back of the store which smells strongly like rubbing alcohol...
On the walk to the back, the entire store is starring at me. Definitely don't fit in and don't belong here. I'm getting weird eyes. Usually Indian people don't get as big as me lol
I hand her the smoothie, the panini in a bag, and a straw. She grabs everything and puts it down on her table. While not breaking eye contact with me, she clears her throat, puts a hand on her hip, points at me and proclaims loudly 'Now you got a straw for THAT'
She's smirking at me the entire time. The salon was in a awkward silence since i walked in and her comment released the pent up stress and people bust out laughing. I didn't realize Indian men could turn red but i blushed bright red as I walked out thru the doors. Obviously nothing happened between us...
*Anyways today my dash is deader that my dick on speed. So figured I'd share an old story of mine lol
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2022.01.27 23:15 VICXIII I've done and fuck up! Chapter 12

It has been four hours since Supreme commander Yesleta left the conference hall and sent acting team leader Yoremedia a long with Gab`riel to assist engineer team leader serifim with the Transport where Gab`riel had arrived. Yesleta sat in her office, working on reports and messages her teams' leader had sent her. Reclining on her Bishuti leather chair brought comfort to her long days at work. A notification chime gets Yesleta's attention. With a grunt of annoyance, Yesleta opens the message.
Reports were coming in. Noise complaints from five different teams and three compartments. Yesleta keeps scrolling through the messages. Alien sounds, odd but catchy beats, twenty gallons of black mi-eil gone, food rations for one hundred crewwomen missing, hydroponics lights missing, control over-engineer rooms speakers gone.
All the messages had a focal point. It was the engineering room where the Transport was located. Closing the floods of messages Yesleta was getting, she moved to her security console and zoomed into the engineering room housing the Transport.
Yesleta's eyes could not believe what she was seeing. Different colors of light dance in the room and the image of Acting team leader Yoremedia dancing with Gab`riel, who was not wearing a shirt. Her eyes blink uncontrollably. Yesleta has never seen a male move like that, not even in those raunchy movies and how the sweat drops down his well-sculpted body...Yesleta shook the thoughts out of her mind; now was not the time for that. Yesleta returns to the console.
Yesleta saw crewwomen lining up to dance with Gab`riel. Yesleta saw how the women were dancing and grinding against Gab`riel. Yesleta had enough and turned the two-way mic on. That was a mistake she soon would come to regret.
The booming blast of the song hits Yesleta's ears, reaching to cover her ear; Yesleta slides back with her chair in pain. Turning the volume down, she could now hear the exotic yet familiar song. The song's words were alien to her, but the beat was oddly easy enough to follow. Returning to her console, she saw what any young party going Litrigon would recognize. Drinks were going around, food was at in-different tables, and women were dancing, and in the middle of it was Gab`riel grinding against a woman from the engineer team.
The woman bent over her paws around her ankles. Gab'riel grabbed her hips and danced behind her. The Litrigon woman uses her tail to bring him closer. The scene continues as a Tubinestian woman pulls Gab`riel off the other woman and now are face to tits dancing. Yesleta saw more crewwomen come in from different parts of the ship. A full-blown out party was happening in her ship. Yesleta was in a dilemma. She could let the party keep going or stop it. The crew needs to blow off steam, the battle against the Agony Demons and the loss of family members had hit some crewmembers hard, and a party could alleviate that, but if the party continues, the males of the ship will come, and heads would clash. Gab`riel didn't know how males in their society acted and by how Gab`riel danced. He was like their males.
On the other paw, she could go and stop the party, but that would drop morale in the ship, and with how the Emperor's wish wasn't going anywhere fast, that was a bad idea. Yesleta tried to find a solution to the problem she had at paw, but every single one ended in problems. The chime of her office's door gets Yesleta's attention. She gives the command for the door to open. Med-bay team leader Momola`n walks in, behind her walks healer of the mind Ze`. An Armitito male, his white carapace showed his year of wisdom. His four-pair of paws folded in front of him; His steps were that of an old master monk. His endless dark eyes look at the world's truth. Coming to a stop healer of the mind Ze` opened his four paws in front of him while pinching his two main fingers he bows.
( he has his hands like this but is standing and bowing.)
"Greetings, supreme commander Yesleta."
Ze`'s voice was that of a kind old man. the next to speak was Momola`n
"Supreme commander Yesleta, I am here for the reason that I wanted to talk to you. It is about Gab`riel. His mind is not whole; my short conversations with him have shown me he needs the help from a healer of the mind."
Yesleta's eyes were filled with surprise. Momola'n wanted to use healer of the mind Ze` Gift to dive into Gab`riel's mind, something that had never been done on an orphan species before.
"Do you even know what you are asking Med-bay team leader Momola`n? not only is Gab`riel, an alien, he is too an orphan species, the ramifications for this could turn lethal to healer of the mind Ze`."
Yesleta's anger is clear to see. The soothing voice of healer of the mind Ze` bring peace to the rising anger.
"Supreme commander Yesleta, I was the one that asked Med-bay team leader Momola`n, her job and "Gift" is to heal the body, my job and "Gift" is to heal the mind. Supreme commander Yesleta, the male that fought for us, is in trouble. Even now, I can feel his troubled mind. The joy he feels now is of a memory that had only helped to dam the growing pain in his mind. You have seen it."
Healer of the mind Ze` pointed at the screen. The screen shows Gab`riel dancing with many women around him.
"He is dancing to cope with the pain of imprisonment. Med-bay team leader Momola`n said that the young male was somehow trapped in the Transport we found him in. This took his will to move or feel, putting chains on his free spirit. He is one to move, one to laugh, one to explore. When this was taken from him, his spirit broke."
Yesleta listened carefully to healer of the mind Ze`, the male's words were always valid when dealing with problems of the mind, as his Gift helped him understand what was inside one's mind. She thought of the consequences of such things and what they could mean in the future. A chime next to Yesleta got her attention. It was a message from engineer team leader Serifim. Yesleta read it. It wasn't just Med-bay team leader Momola`n or healer of the mind Ze` that worried about Gab'riel's well-being. It was engineer team leader Serifim too.
"I just received a message from engineer team leader Serifim. She has some concerns about Gab`riel's mental health. The state of the Transport shows great degradation, almost as if it was launched without been completed."
Yesleta said to both crewmembers in front of her.
Both Momola`n and Ze` look at each other. Ze` place his upper paws in a triangle and bow slightly. Taking the lead this time, Momola`n spoke.
"How bad is the degradation of the Transport?"
Yesleta reply.
"The only thing working in the Transport is the Drive, no life support, gravity, nothing, for which however long he was in there he just floated in zero-G."
Med-bay team leader Momola`n place a paw on her chin with concern she asks.
"If life support was out, then how is he alive?"
Yesleta read the part of the message aloud where Gab`riel said about his species not needing oxygen in the engineering room. That answers one question for Med-bay team leader Momola`n now. However, it raises even more concerns. If this were indeed true, that would mean Gab`riel floated in a Vacuum with his thoughts alone, no sound, no feeling of up, down, left, right for a very long time.
Momola`n had read and studied cases where shipwreck survivors stranded for more than one rotation in ships twice as big as Gab`riel's Transport would lose their minds turning into ferals beasts by the hallucinations they suffer from. This was caused by many factors, including sensory deprivations and total isolation.
The cases varied but were the same in the end. The only different factor now was Gab`riel's Transport, as it is only half the size of all the ships in question, meaning that Gab`riel's mind is in danger.
At the moment, Gab`riel had only shown mild symptoms of his isolation, such as anxiety when entering a small burrow and lack of sleep. Momola'n still didn't know if that was part of his alien physiology or a symptom. The more Momola`n thought it, something became apparent, a what-if they have only seen the mild symptoms, the more vivid and realistic hallucination could happen any moment, or it did already. Med-bay team leader Momola`n remembers the destruction of the burrow that once housed Gab`riel. It was left destroyed as if hordes of Agony Demons did battle there. Healer of the mind Ze` gentle voice spoke.
"I can sense you have come to an understanding of the pain the young man is in Med-bay team leader Momola`n, and I too agreed. We have only seen only the tip of an enormous iceberg. Supreme commander Yesleta, I feel your concern of matter of the future for this event, but I believe we won't have a future if we let the young man suffer alone."
Yesleta heard their concerns, and both had valid points. Right now, Yesleta had a person that needed help. Alien or not, Gab`riel needed to heal his mind. She glimpses at the screen that shows the wild party. There she saw how Gab`riel danced. He moves to forget the pain, that nothing in the world mattered, only the now. Looking back to Med-bay team leader Momola`n and healer of the mind Ze`, Yesleta spoke.
"We must be careful when talking to Gab`riel about this, it might be a taboo in his culture, and we don't know how he will react to healer of the mind Ze` Gift."
Bowing slightly, Ze` spoke.
I understand supreme commander Yesleta, but if I am not mistaken, the young man doesn't know about "Gift" and the true meaning behind his ability to learn the Empire's language. With your permission, I would like to explain it to him."
With healer of the mind Ze` explanation, telling the truth to Gab`riel would be simple, and he would understand the true meaning behind it.
"Permission granted, now we need to get Gab`riel to see healer of the mind Ze`. Med-bay team leader Momola`n can you get a room ready while I go break a party up."
With their orders at paw healer of the mind and the Med-bay team leader, left the office of supreme commander Yesleta. The steps of the supreme commander Yesleta echo behind them, signaling the future events to come.
The party stopped abruptly when supreme commander Yesleta entered the engineering room. The women that saw their supreme commander entering the room had their bright bioluminescent colors that were full of joy changed to a paler shade of colors, and soon the party goer started to disperse.
Not long after, supreme commander Yesleta found the now exhausted acting team leader Yoremedia sitting on the floor with other crewwomen string along the floor next to her. Yesleta follows the trail of women on the floor, exotic alien music still playing. Yesleta had to admit even without understanding the words, the different songs she heard while making her way to the engineering room were meant to make someone move. It was as if someone had taken the Litrigon and Tubinestian music and turned it up to one hundred. It was no wonder the crewwomen, even without knowing the words or meaning of the songs, danced and followed Gab`riel lead.
Another song played, and Yesleta found more and more crewwomen lying on the floor. Taking care not to step on any of the crewwomen, Yesleta finally saw her goal. A few meters away, Gab`riel was dancing his worries away. It took three more songs for Yesleta to finally reach Gab`riel. Yesleta pulled her tablet and powered off the speakers in the engineering room. In moments Gab`riel stopped dancing and looked around; this amused Yesleta. Coughing to get Gab`riel attention, she saw how fast he moved. Yesleta wished she had started recording. Gab'riel's reaction was priceless. His face was the perfect "oh shit face" that Yesleta had ever seen. The male in front of her clicked his heels and saluted her in his alien salute in a swift motion.
"Mam, if I knew you would be coming, I would save you a dance, Mam!"
Again the facial expressions of the male were priceless to Yesleta, as she visibly saw the color drain from the male's bioluminescent. She wanted to laugh, but she kept her poker face, "if only he were part of my team" Yesleta thought the type of punishment for this type of party would've gone down in the Empire history. Yesleta quickly gave orders to everyone in the engineering room. After everyone got their orders, Yesleta grabbed acting team leader Yoremedia and Gab`riel. While leaving the engineering room, Yesleta spoke.
"I hope you had fun acting team leader Yoremedia. Tomorrow combat drills will be exquisite. I can't wait for your great performances."
Acting team leader Yoremedia bioluminescent lost its colors. Next to her, Gab`riel could only give apologetic looks to acting team leader Yoremedia.
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2022.01.27 23:15 Mac_McAvery Who here Loves the New environmentally friendly Gas Cans….? I had to take the crap lid off just to pour gas in resulting in gas all over the ground & myself! So much for environmentally friendly! What a joke!

Who here Loves the New environmentally friendly Gas Cans….? I had to take the crap lid off just to pour gas in resulting in gas all over the ground & myself! So much for environmentally friendly! What a joke! submitted by Mac_McAvery to Virginia [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 23:15 treefrogged What happens if we don’t get the booster?

Anyone know what the consequences are?
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2022.01.27 23:15 bisexuallydead Update on Lolcows flair tag

Due to Dillin's recent content change I have decided to remove the lolcows category altogether. However I will leave this link to his former lolcows and CWC/Sonichu archive on what used to be known as the Just Dillin YouTube channel.
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2022.01.27 23:15 JerSucks 220128 ITZY Instagram Update with Yeji

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2022.01.27 23:15 Single-Current2745 I’m not ready

Everything is starting to feel real now, I have exams in May/July to get into University then when I finally got into University in September I’m going to be moving away alone for 3 years to another country. I’ve really depended on my friends the past year or so since covid had us locked up, we’ve been making the most of our time together, seeing each other as much as possible. I really don’t know how I’m going to adjust from seeing them multiple times a week to every other month or so. After the last couple of my teenage years being wasted I really feel like I’ve ran out of time and have to accept growing up but I’m really not ready yet.
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2022.01.27 23:15 zyzyx_music Peeling skin from sliding

I’ve been playing bass for at least a year now and have decent technique. I’ve always used sliding when I play but I went to do it in a song today and my index finger is all raw with the skin peeling off. Am I pushing down too hard? I can’t even play right now because my finger would start bleeding. I thought I would have had callouses by now. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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2022.01.27 23:15 A_Whole_Costco_Pizza Advance Wars By Web | Grand Strategy Cast: Asia, Day 27

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2022.01.27 23:15 Connect-Ad2831 Day 7. It’s been a long but great week. Let’s keep going

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2022.01.27 23:15 flowersburning B707

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2022.01.27 23:15 guidanceboltrope A LA GUARRA DANNA HOT TODOS LA FOLLAN EN UNA FIESTA SWINGER Part 4

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2022.01.27 23:15 legobuilder1223 Gamers of Reddit what is the funnest thing you hav ever heard said over voice chat?

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2022.01.27 23:15 IcyRefuse These are all the memes you missed while on your break, Felix

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2022.01.27 23:15 Knario1954 Dark-Bizarre-Gothic-&-Surreal-Art

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2022.01.27 23:15 throwawaythekey_x Polyester/Spandex blend Briefs?

Oddly specific, I know.
For several years now I've primarily worn boxer briefs (Hanes) that are around an 85/15 polyestespandex blend and I'm crazy about them. Unlike cotton underwear that stretches throughout the day so by the end it's all saggy and unflattering, these boxer briefs stay tight against my thighs and ass, and...anyway, they're good. (Yes, I have sexier options than Hanes for when I'm trying to impress haha.)
I really want to try briefs again, but I'm only managing to find them in cotton blends that I know will just remind me why I left my boxer briefs from years ago (sweaty, stretches out during the day, etc.) It's shocking me that I can't find any briefs that are more similar in material to the boxer briefs I've been wearing.
The only lead I've found so far is Junk brand had a couple styles at some point in the past that fit the bill, but they seem to have gone out of business or at least out of stock everywhere, and I'm not sure they ever had them in my size anyway.
Side note - it needs to be a brand that carries reasonably large sizes - like around 44.
I'm a bit flexible on the material but I do really want to avoid cotton if possible (and I tried bamboo but it stretched out like cotton for me fairly early in the day.)
Any ideas?
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