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[Conflict] American Invasion of Thailand, 2031

2022.01.27 23:09 agedvermouth [Conflict] American Invasion of Thailand, 2031

American Invasion of Thailand, 2031 June 1, 2031 - Department of Defense
Prelude to Invasion: April - May, 2031 President DeSantis authorized military action on Thailand in April, 2031; with the increased pro-democratic protests gripping Thailand. President DeSantis believed that if he did not act soon, the Junta would, once again, roll over their own people with tanks- and continue the slip into authoritarian oppression. With the junta seemingly occupied dealing with American intelligence operations in the country, and pro-democratic protests, he ordered the Department of Defense to pull the trigger on the plan to axe the military junta. The build-up was a gradual process. First, the US 5th Fleet was moved from the Middle East to the Indian Ocean Region, operating out of Sungai Petani in Malaysia- part of the larger US repositioning from the Middle East to Asia.
With them, the 5th Fleet brought 50,000 troops who had been relocated from many of the now-closed Middle Eastern bases, setting up shop in Malaysia. In the Philippines, particularly Basco Island (Home of the 7th Fleet), alone has 50,000; with another 50,000 spread between Manila and Puerto Princesa. In mid-April, President DeSantis approved the gradual scale-up of 500 combat aircraft to Malaysia and relayed orders to the 5th and 7th Fleet to prepare for sustained combat deployment by June. The leaders could put two and two together.
Air Campaign Using geospatial intelligence provided by military satellites, the USAF was ordered to launch the first strike on June 1, 2031. The USAF was ordered to launch crippling strikes with its F-35, F-15EX/E squadrons on major Thai military installations:

The campaign will likely be sustained over the course of the campaign in Thailand, with the priority targets making the list for the first wave- given their proximity to operating zones or importance. US F-16V units will be primarily focused on combat support and air superiority missions to establish total control over the Thai airspace. Priority has been given to their major naval base, proximity army bases, and interceptoattack air bases- essentially units that could cause major damage to the United States if not eliminated early.
Marines Land at Phuket The US 5th Fleet will establish control over the western Thai coast in the Andaman Sea and Malacca Straits, however they will be involved in a major opening land operation to establish a USMC presence at Phuket. America class and San Antonio class ships from the 5th Fleet will land US Marines in the Terrex Carrier Vehicles, and by using UH-60 Sikorsky Blackhawks on Karon Beach and Kata Beach. Air support from the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, and US Carrier Strike Group 2. The mission is to establish a foothold in Phuket, and thereby eliminated the Thai Military presence in the area, secure the neighboring Coconut, Ko Yao Yai, and Ko Yao Noi major islands, and push the Thai forces back across Sarasin Bridge into the mainland. In total, 25,000 US Marines will be deployed to Phuket in a series of waves. Once the island is secured, US artillery guns will be placed on the eastern mountains of Phuket, and begin shelling Thai forces retreating to Phang Nga and based in nearby Krabi.
Army and Malay Militants Push From South Approximately 75,000 troops will be deployed, 25,000 Marines, and 50,000 Army personnel across Malaysia's northern border with Thailand. The troops will mainly concentrate in Malaysian population centers of Pasir Mas and Jitra, from which they will deploy on ground operations. MACT-SOG Malaysia units have been ordered to bring the BRN Militants, or some representatives to Pasir Mas to coordinate an attack with the US forces in the region- and support the US campaign. For their participation, they will be awarded the contested provinces at the conclusion of the conflict with the Thai Government- in exchange, they will be expected to work alongside with US forces in moving up through Thailand to overthrow the incumbent government. The primary goals of these US forces is to secure the southern provinces of Thailand and connect to the forces at Phuket. This includes the provinces of Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat, Songkhla, Phatthalung, Trang, Satun, Krabi, Phang-Nga, and Nakhon Si Thammarat. The area is a jungle, the US hopes to utilize BRN local knowledge and expertise when planning operations and moving troops. Additionally, their local intelligence will be vital in hitting the Thai Armed forces where it matters.
Stuff Quantity
Troops 100,000 in total (Marines, Army)
Oshkosh L-ATV 10,000
M1A3 Abrams MBT 400
M1126 Stryker 400
M2A4 Bradley 400
MEADS SAM Units 20
Terrex Marine Carriers 2,000
M109A7 Howitzers 1,000
Bell 360 Invictus Attack Helicopter 300
UH-60 Black Hawks 1,000
AH-64 Apache 300
F-35B Lightnings 60
F-35A Lightnings 100
F-16V Fighting Falcons 300
F-15E Strike Eagles 50
F-15EX 50
Transport Aircraft 300
KC-46 Pegasus 50
Boeing E-3 Sentry 5
E-7 Wedgetail 20
US 5th Fleet 1
US 7th Fleet 1 (Largely on alert in Philippines)
CSG 2 1
CSG 5 1 (Largely on alert in Philippines)
[M] Let me know if more itemization of the navy is needed.
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2022.01.27 23:09 Bitter-Instruction39 Places to go as a minor looking for hormone blockers?

I'm 14 and recently learned that I'm not too old to start blockers. My mother and I have both been looking into blockers, but we aren't really sure of where we should go. I've heard a lot about Planned Parenthood being good, but earlier today, my mom told me that you can't get blockers or anything there until you're 18 because of consent laws. I'm in New York, if that changes anything. She did say that it could have been for a different state.
Are there any places in the state we can go to? Is the thing about Planned Parenthood a state-specific thing, and if so, is it a thing in NY?
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2022.01.27 23:09 laparior What are some signals of a girl being attracted to you in the gym

I was first going to ask if approaching girls in the gym was appropriate in the first place, but I assume that depends on the guy approaching the girl, and the physical attraction towards the guy.
So assuming that, what are some signals to lookout for?
Ps. I might be generalizing this, so correct me if my assumption is wrong
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2022.01.27 23:09 hedronist Upgrade from my aging GN9120?

I'm old (72M) and need the help of the younger crowd in finding my next headset. Doesn't have to be Jabra, but I've been happy with them so far.
I have been using a monaural, over-the-head, on-the-ear, boom mike headset since the early 90's.
I've had my GN9120 for at least 10 years. I love it. When it works. But every hour or two it will take a "5 second vacation". Meaning I can hear the other party, but they can't hear me.
My must haves including:

My must not haves include:
My nice to haves include:
So what suggestions do you all have? Stick with Jabra or (gasp!) look at other brand?
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2022.01.27 23:09 Stoned_Boi999 I don’t know what to feel or what to do.

Well Boys I did it. I got the girl I wanted and we been a happy couple for 2 weeks but last night my anxiety went off and I been feeling different ever since. She’s great she’s wonderful she’s been showing me the love I didn’t get when I was younger She hasn’t left me or put me down for any reason. And it’s like I don’t have feelings for her anymore. I know I still do but it’s not like it was before. Her name isn’t as bright as it was a couple days ago and I can’t even look at her. I’m so scared I’m gonna push her away. I want her but I’m scared I will break her heart I don’t know how to deal with it I feel like I’m going Insane. I need some advice. Never have liked change either which I’m thinking is why I’m scared about having her. Idk please help me
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Check engine light, PO128 code points to thermostat. But still have good heat? Is my best bet to start with replacing the thermostat? I replaced it in September 2019
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Injured my back moving product dumped on floor of SCO bullpen. Made report following day. Took ten day covid leave 7 days later. After returning, forced to take action that further irritated my back. Sent to doctor. He requested MRIs. Couldn't schedule them because I wasn't given claim number. Arrived twenty minutes early to follow up exam. Waited for over two hours. Lost over 3 hours of pay. Prescribed physical therapy 3xweek. Scheduled 9am-6pm Sunday through Thursday temporarily. Prior to injury scheduled 2‐11 to accommodate custody. Possibly losing Sunday shift to see my kid. I can't afford to skip shifts for physical therapy. Should I contact an attorney?
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2022.01.27 23:09 gladbmo Looking for a suggestion based on a preference.

It has come time for me to build a new computer from scratch. The last 3 computers I have built for myself and family have been built inside Corsair Air 540 cases, because they are easily the best cases I've EVER worked with. But it seems their availability is slim and when they are available, the cost is inflated by a couple hundred dollars, likely due to scarcity and the particular case being off the production line or something.
I am looking for a double-wide case like the Air 540, with the same size allowances, and I do NOT want that shitty Tempered Glass that people keep smashing.
Any suggestions would be appreciates, I'd only like suggestions if you've personally worked in the case and can vouch for its ability to stand tall as a great case option.
Thanks in advance. I would re-use my current air 540 but this computer will be going to a family member and I don't want to re-house the parts.
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2022.01.27 23:09 adamire1 Kinetics

If through using the isolation method i found that the reactant increases by 1 and the rate by 1. Is that first or 0 order? 🤔 Cuz i did the math i just don't know what order it would fall under. Thanks 🙏
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