Balloon was stolen at magic kingdom

2022.01.27 23:41 GOTrr Balloon was stolen at magic kingdom

Went to Its a Small World and the staff didn’t let us go there with our pink balloon so they held onto it. We have pics.
Ride broke down, but then it finally worked, we came back and saw that the balloon was gone and the staff had no idea. It actually caused us to miss the start of the fireworks and we didn’t get a good spot to see it.
Went to guest relations and they gave us a voucher and said next time you come back, you can get a balloon with it. I asked if it's gonna be valid 2-3 years from now cuz we leave tomorrow and they said said yes it will. Then I pointed out on the voucher it literally says valid for 7 days. They stumbled and said to bring it back anyways, (cuz in 2 year he won't be there I guess). I said this was useless and we left.
Guest relations is absolutely useless and the worst example of customer service.
Thing is this is our honeymoon, and my wife gets very attached to things. Our flight back home is tomorrow. Is there any way I can order this pink Mickey Mouse ear looking balloon anywhere online?
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2022.01.27 23:41 IllustriousLow209 Cocaine detection time

I did two bumps of cocaine one and 63 hrs later had a drug test. The cut off levels for the cocaine is 150ng. Do you think I’d be in the clear after taking the test and it being my fourth piss of the day?
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2022.01.27 23:41 MasterOfIdc I'm done I'm sorry can I get a teammate who DOESN'T FUCK ME EVERY ROUND. If so dm me :)

y'know read it. so it my couple days of playing this game I have had Terrible encounters to people walking over my Cheeto corpse, to people stealing medkits when I'm AT 8 HEALTH.
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2022.01.27 23:41 BigMacrons 20 EST Looking to non-competitive people to play with

Hello I’m new to PC gaming. So far I play valorant, dead by deadlight, Minecraft, stardew valley, overcooked and sea of thieves. I’m open to trying other games. I only play for fun and don’t like being yelled at. SSo I’m looking for some calm people. I don’t really play into the dead of the night so I don’t mind people from other timezones.
I guess pm me and If we vibe I’ll give you my discord. Also if we get a lot of people who want to play dead by daylight I could make a server and we could all play. 😊
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2022.01.27 23:41 super___soup Update to: Barely started and I am thinking about leaving

So I came into work today, I really felt so drained and frustrated about this whole situation, i finally figured out who was my department head and I asked them if I could take off early. They asked me why, so I just told them it was a family emergency, he let me go home and I decided today would be my last day. I’m not going to deal with that bull crap. The money really doesn’t matter to me, I really only wanted to start working so I can save up a bit and have some money before I head off to college. Everyone was telling to not brother put in a 2 weeks and that’s my plan. The only notice I’m giving is that I quit and I will no longer come in anymore.
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2022.01.27 23:41 heatherkan 15 years experience with credit cards, but no credit history. Help me build?

Hey all.
My husband and I hope to buy a home in 5 years (goal is under 100K + a 30K cash down payment).
We have never had any sort of long-term debt like student loans, car, etc. Personal credit cards have been paid off and closed for over ten years now (after learning our lesson in poor spending habits as newlyweds). As a result, we now have "no credit history" from which to pull a FICO score.
On the flip side, I am a sole prop business owner and have responsibly used an AMEX business card for 15 years. My limit for this card is around $16k and I have NEVER carried a balance. Unfortunately, I am now finding out that Amex does not report business card data to the business credit bureaus automatically, so even with the business, I have "no credit history". It also seems that there is nothing I can do to change that. (let me know if that is wrong- that is per Dun & Broadstreet) So, buying a home based on a business credit score is also not going to be possible.
Manual underwriting is always an option, and one we are open to. However, we're aware that this might mean not getting the best mortgage rates.
So, we're hoping to get a jump on things by getting a personal card that WILL build our credit. We plan to move all of our current auto-pay bills to it, and then simply pay the credit card when due (effectively changing nothing in our lives, simply adding a financial middleman to gain credit score).
Examples of items we plan to put on this card: (mostly "set" costs that are already on auto-pay) Streaming/entertainment services, Internet, Energy bills, phones, insurance, gas, pre-booking large travel costs for bi-yearly vacations, charitable donations, groceries, and internet/phone for my disabled mom.
As a side note, we would love to get some travel bonuses from the card we choose, as we'd love to travel more.
We're not 100% opposed to an annual fee, but would prefer no fee or perhaps under $100/yr.
Mostly, we just want a simple, "set it and forget it" situation with a few nice bonuses on the side if possible.

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2022.01.27 23:41 sleepnevercomes_ Hygiene

Does anyone have recommendations of what deodorant to use or non deodorant alternatives. I find it very difficult to keep my armpits dry because I live in a hot climate and I sweat no matter what. The only deodorant I’ve tried is the dove aluminum one but it keeps them wet and it irritates them even more. If anyone has any suggestions on what to use to keep underarms please let me know.
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2022.01.27 23:41 nowt__to_spare H: 80k 5mm ultracite W: v/25/90 50 cal or fixer

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2022.01.27 23:41 beepybeetle if i fits i sits

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2022.01.27 23:41 RealCozmic oso i click download, ok ? and i wait for a couple of minutes, but then once it finishes it says "Resume", i press it, and it does the same thing, and repeat, any help would be appreciated.

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2022.01.27 23:41 Hypogi Who makes this cigar?

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2022.01.27 23:41 SpiderNinja211 I mean come on

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2022.01.27 23:41 Senior-Review8937 Famous actor Johnny Depp shared the first picture on social media in the last 11 months.

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2022.01.27 23:41 mr_somebody I think just the tiniest bit more detail on the hands would go a long way.

This might be an unpopular opinion but I just wanted to share.
I get that the game pride itself on being low poly And it should! I love it. But I don't feel that the players hands are up to the same level of detail that everything else is, like the guns and camo for example!
As a guy just finding out about game, I found this jarring and off-putting at first in YouTube videos. I found once in game that it was able it to ignore it a little more, but still found it a bit distracting, because they are large and right in front of you at all times.
I'm not interested in finger animations or anything but just a "couple more polys" that detailed a thumb and fingers would take the game from Minecraft/Final Fantasy 7 and something closer to say, Metal Gear Solid.
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2022.01.27 23:41 Bacon8or777 Should I text the person who ghosted me? Or just let it be?

Context: met a girl online dating. Texted during the week, then went on our first date on the weekend. Went really well. Continued to text during the week, and go out on the weekend. This continued for a few weeks. It's all going great. On Sunday we had a date planned, and the morning of she canceled because he ate something bad and I feeling sick. Says we will reschedule. We continued to text easy other for the next day or so, then she stops responding to my texts all together.
I completely understand she obviously doesn't want to keep seeing me. But I'm just a bit peeved that she decided to ghost me instead of communicate that she is no longer interested. Especially considering the last time we saw each other there was obvious enthusiasm from both parties to see eachother again. So is it respectable for me to text her something along the lines of "hey, I understand if you don't want to see each other anymore, but could you tell me that first next time?" I truly don't mean to sound passive aggressive, so I might change the wording up.
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2022.01.27 23:41 benjamincraigrowley Interesting would love for the series to go somewhere else in the world before or after they make part 3 preferably cause I am from there I would like to see a game set in australia for a change instead of always being in America when it comes to zombie games/movies always set in America Soz yanks

Interesting would love for the series to go somewhere else in the world before or after they make part 3 preferably cause I am from there I would like to see a game set in australia for a change instead of always being in America when it comes to zombie games/movies always set in America Soz yanks submitted by benjamincraigrowley to thelastofus [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 23:41 itschrisallen ESP - C'est La Vie Freestyle

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2022.01.27 23:41 thesunbeamslook Senate GOP sets high bar to support Biden's Supreme Court pick

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2022.01.27 23:41 Gundam_net Is adulting basically disrespecting yourself and other people until you or they die of cumulative harm?

Maybe I live to close to abusers but I've seen some terrible things in the last 2.5 years of my life Essentially, once I was jot longer being taken care of by schools or parents I realized that there are many very nasty and malicious people who probably deserve to die. I must say, adult life seems categorically pretty bad. I don't really understand it completely, it seems like a practical joke
There's like a very tiny sliver of hope inspiring organizations but why are they so small? Why have previous generations been silent of this behavior for their lifetimes? That's perhaps more surprising.
And is this a sign humanity is becoming more, or less, abusive? I'm not really sure. Honestly.
Maybe less? Maybe two steps forward one backwards?
Even more confusing, if you accept the idea of working and contributing to society even then you can be unemployed, rejected from working and/or fired? How can you be both fired and having to pay for things? That seems malice and immoral?
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2022.01.27 23:41 garciaiguess Trading 50$ gc for a roblox acc thats pretty nice

Proof of owning the gc is on profile
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2022.01.27 23:41 NerdmigoGaming Opinion on Wd-black nvme

What are your guys opinions on the WD-black sn750. Is it worth the price? Something better for about the same? Or should i just spend a bit more? Its 100 on amazon just for reference. And will primarily be game storage and some applications
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2022.01.27 23:41 maladjustedmusician You can’t always [friendship] what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find you [chat] what you need?

Hey there! I’m an M27 from the east coast of the USA looking for some good conversation, and hopefully friendship if it works out that way? Here’s a little more about me:
• I’m a professional musician (pianist and vocalist here). Currently teaching myself the guitar too. I promise, it’s not as cool as it sounds. I’m pretty lame 😅 Also, this means I can sing and play music for you. Not a bad deal!
• I consider myself to be pretty good with a camera and a decent amateur photographer.
• I’m a huge film buff!
• Physics is cool.
• Books are pretty nifty too. Alright, you got me. I’m a nerd.
If you’ve made it this far, let’s have a chat. I really look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you better!
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2022.01.27 23:41 Ok_Statistician_Bot Britney Spears

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2022.01.27 23:41 makohe The Indian Objection to Islam

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2022.01.27 23:41 CelebBattleVoteBot Better body: Scarlett Johansson vs Becky lynch

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